Data destruction services

We also offer multistage data destruction for items like hard drives and can issue a certificate of destruction. 

In cases of sensitive data, we can send you a video of your data being destroyed.

Call us anytime at 
709-765-1201 or to discuss your requirements.

Free Commercial pick-up or drop off

eWasteNL is proud to offer free Commercial e-waste (electronics waste) pick up and recycling services in the St. John's metropolitan area including Mt. Pearl, Paradise, Conception Bay South (CBS) and Torbay.

Drop your end-of-life electronics at our processing plant at our depot in Mount Pearl, in the same building as the Computer Liquidation Center, 953 Topsail Rd. (opposite O'Neill Motors, just east of Commonwealth Ave.)

What we take:


Including desktops (PCs or Macs), laptops, notebooks, tablets, personal digital assistants (PDA's)

Computer components
Including motherboards, ram, keyboards, mice, hard drives etc.


Computer accessories
Including cables and wires, computer hubs, switches, modems etc.

Cell phones

Display units
Televisions (TVs), projectors, monitors (CRT, LCD, LED, Plasma)

Printers, scanners and fax machines

Stereo equipment
Including amps/pre-amps, speakers, speaker wires, turntables, tape decks etc.

Telecommunication Equipment 
Includes non-cellular telephones and answering machines

VCR/DVD/CD Players 

Video Game Consoles 

Lead Acid Batteries and UPS (Battery Back Up)
We Do NOT accept Household Alkaline Batteries 

Other cables and wires

Recording media - USB Storage, External Storage, etc.

Please note, 
for safety reasons, charges may apply if any individual item for pick-up exceeds 40 lbs. or if any item (pick-up or drop off) is exempt from the province's electronics recycling legislation. Please call us 
anytime at 709-765-1201 to discuss your requirements